We Have a New Page – Gurgler Keynotes

We’ve been accused of talking too much sport on this website. Sure we celebrate the forgotten, but it’s usually sport related.

Well, you’re right, it is about time we start delving into the world of forgotten music, and my it is a bottomless pit of goodness. Richard Wilkins approved of course.

What better way to take a magical miserly tour back through the back catalogues than use the 100% Hits track listing from each year and pick our favourite five forgotten artists. Time will look back on 100% Hits as THE reference point for popular music historical studies.

It also acts as a warning to remember that something that is so now, become so yesterday, and then a Gurgler favourite not long after that.

Each week or when we can be bothered, we’ll feature a new year from the book of 100% Hits. There’s youtube footage and polls to make it the complete intercraptive music page of all time.

The new page is in the menu, but if you are some kind of lazy bugger or it doesn’t work, the link is below.


Thank you, thank you very much.

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