DNPQ British GP Edition

It was once suggested to the laughter and tssking of f1 experts and forum warriors that sprinklers should be introduced into races at random times for excitement. Whilst it’s hard to argue for sprinklers one certainly can’t argue against when a few raindrops fall in qualifying that a great session is almost certain and the race with a jumbled grid that follows usually is a cracker.


A jumbled grid we sure have for tonight’s race. First of all the silver cars which have the championship to themselves are both not on the front.  Some normal transmission with rosberg on pole and the ham making an error this time tactically in qualifying. At the back is the biggest surprise, well apart from the newly bought and sold cleanskin caterhams dead last and plus one, the Ferrari and Williams teams went out too late combined with mistakes and find themselves with plenty of opportunities to run into the usual crash merchants that dominate the midfield.


P.s. for caterham it’s really great to see the names kolles and albers back in F1. It’s been too long.


Marussia will almost be disappointed that a late yellow flag caused by another sauber mistake (one in final minute for each driver in Q1 and Q2) cist them a chance at Q3 glory. And given how that session turned out anything could have happened.


Q3 was decided by the very last section of the track being fast in the very last minute rewarding those who stuck it out Rosberg, Vettel, McLaren. Dan and Ham miss out.


Si to our tips which we’re hoping for chaos or more rain.

Win The Ham

Podium The Hulk

Top 6 Alonso

Top 10 Bianchi

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