Marhiguitaville – The Gurgler’s World Cup Daily-ish

Another day of World Cup and another day of WOW.

With already more goals than the last World Cup and more great games than the last three put together it is a World Cup to savour and not miss a game.

Somehow a 0-0 can be one of the most entertaining games of the World Cup, and still included another 3 goals before extra time finished, and possibly should have included another from USA late on to take the game into another shootout.

Earlier Argentina continued their run of victories without impressing a great deal, but at this stage wins are all that matters. The Gurgler’s tips for an Argentina v Brazil final is still live.

The second round games have seen some great goalkeeping, which so far have been just as important as the superstars and strikers. There also have been very brave performances from teams who were unlikely second round compeditors and pushed much more fancied opposition.

The second round has also provided a window into our hopeless organisation of tips, but we can assure you they were received, but not displayed. We will do better from here on in.

Talking about better, here’s the progress scores on the JOHN FASHUNU SCOREBOARD.

Harland Bulwer 133 points
Kidd Ermisnter 127 points
Hatton Cross 105 points
Theydon Bois 99 points

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