Marhiguitaville – The Gurgler’s World Cup Daily-ish

OK, so we missed the daily part and went back to the ish.

Hey it’s not as if anyone reads this anyway, so we can do as we damn please. It’s not as if we have hundreds of people RobbenArjening, sorry I mean falling over to read our daily tidbit of World Cup.

Well halfway through the Round of 16 and the football has continued on from the first round in excitement.

Two games to nailbiting penalty shootouts, 1 game with late goals and controversy, and the other a Columbian masterclass over a toothless (pardon the pun) Uruguay. A team that may have been better served concentrating on the game ahead instead of deciding on which breed of dog ate their homework or which English newspaper they can blame. Suarez’s excuse of falling over with his teeth is leading lawyers all over the world looking for ways around fraud, assault and murder with equally pathetic excuses.

Another thing The Gurgler enjoyed out of the Columbian games was the quality goal from James. But more than that, they enjoyed the different pronunciation of James. Ideas now filtering around the head of how we can improve names like Jack, Steve and Walter with the addition of a Spanish twang.

The hosts got a real scare at the hands of Chile who were unlucky to lose in a shootout, which was one of the least inspiring quality wise, but no less tense than ever. Brazilians breathe a sigh of relief for long enough to realise they have the cup’s form team next to give the host nation heart palpitations.

Holland waited until late and the assistance of yet another Robben dive to beat Mexico. It may well be a penalty, but the extra theatrics makes him easy to dislike and just another nail in the coffin for why the game will struggle to take off in mainstream Australia. Good luck to them though.

Costa Rica and Greece the two most unlikely 2nd round partici[pants were battling for an even more unlikely Quarter Final spot. The game although not a classic in style was as exciting as World Cup sudden death comes. Only one penalty missed after a great save, and looked a likely ending once Costa Rica survived the 20 odd minutes of second half and 30 minutes of extra time with only 10 man.

Anyway, that’s that for now, and here’s this for tomorrow morning. Note we have included the last two days tips for your records. Worth noting that our man Kidd picked the correct score for Costa Rica v Greece and result, and almost got the penalty shootout amount right. Plus another correct score for Columbia.

As ever, for a proper World Cup report – visit the Guardian Football website or their excellent daily podcast. More daily than ours.

THEYDON BOIS – France 3-1
HARLAND BULWER – Draw 1-1 – France win on pens.

THEYDON BOIS – Germany 3-2
KIDD ERMINSTER – Germany 2-1
HARLAND BULWER – Germany 2-0

Brazil 3-1 (Wrong), Uruguay 1-0 (X),
Holl/Mex Draw 1-1 (X), Greece 1-0
Brazil 3-2 (Wrong), Columbia 2-0 (Correct),
Holland 1-0 (Correct Result), CRica/Gre 1-1 (5-4 pens) (Almost total correct)
Bra/Chile 1-1 (Correct), Uruguay 2-1 (Nope)
Holland 2-0 (Yep – result), CRica/Gre 0-0 (Result)

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