The Gurgler Live Podcast – Episode 3

And they said we’d never make it….

The Gurgler’s own podcast has made it to episode 3. We could claim it’s three times as good, three times as funny, and three times better for you than our nearest compeditor. And we will.

Derek Ottoman is back with guest host Forrest Glenn.

This week the Crap Fantale returns, so does Crapotheticals. We introduce Are They Dead? with a blast from the past. Overall (pardon the pun) is a welcome new segment.

There’s NRL, AFL and other sports updates and plenty of World Cup bitesize updates (pardon the pun).

Plus the usual array of banter and uncomfortable silence that you’ve all come to accept and expect with The Gurgler Live.

So here it is for your listening pleasure

If it don’t here – find us now on Soundcloud.

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Derek is the host with most and plenty more than that. Every week, technology and effort pending, he along with a special co-host brings you The Gurgler's Podcast. Join him every week for the banter and semi informative updates that is our podcast.