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The final round of first round games have been completed and another swag of goals have been added to the fest that has already been produced.

4 teams have been given a ticket into the next round and the other 4 a ticket home, although 3 of those were decided last go around.

Spain had way too many superstars for Australia in the battle for respect at the bottom of Group B. Thanks to FIFA for another 2am start and playing two games at once. Although kudos to SBS for their handling of the coverage. Brickbats for no English radio commentary, although the Brazilian coverage is something worth listening to once. The standard 30 second gooooooooaaaaaaaalllllllll was welcomed once delivered.

The other game at the same time was Holland winning the battle of avoiding Brazil in the next round. Although the match ups between A and B in the next round look very interesting.

Mexico who barely qualified for the World Cup look good enough to trouble Holland after impressing so far. Chile will also have less fear than others playing Brazil.

Croatia who were treated poorly at the hands of the ref in game 1 received the square up against Mexico, and were lucky to be in the game as long as they were. Either way they are joining the growing list of teams heading out of Brazil.

Cameroon who were the last to arrive because of a dispute over win bonuses at the World Cup will head home with the least amount of time spent in the country and the least amount of win bonus. The aggregate 9-1 against will be hard to top as the competition’s worst form.

So another 4 games tomorrow with already through Costa Rica playing already gone England. Italy and Uruguay play off for the last spot with Italy only needing a draw to go through. Mark them down for one.

In Group C somehow a team who have yet to score a goal, Greece are still in the hunt for the next round. Columbia are already through, so Japan and Ivory Coast go into battle for the final spot.

Anyways here’s the tips for tomorrow.

Theydon Bois – Draw 0-0
Hatton Cross – Draw 2-2
Kidd Erminster – Italy 3-1
Harland Bulwer – Uruguay 2-1

Theydon Bois – England 2-0
Hatton Cross – Draw 2-2
Kidd Erminster – England 2-0
Harland Bulwer – Costa Rica 2-1

Theydon Bois – Columbia 4-0
Hatton Cross – Columbia 2-0
Kidd Erminster – Draw 1-1
Harland Bulwer – Columbia 3-0

Theydon Bois – Ivory Coast 3-0
Hatton Cross – Ivory Coast 2-1
Kidd Erminster – Ivory Coast 3-0
Harland Bulwer – Ivory Coast 1-0

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