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First of all, WOW, just WOW.

Normally the World Cup opens with a fancy opening ceremony that allows governing body and the local arts community to pat themselves on the back followed by a reasonably interesting opening followed by tentative opening round games.

Not this time, a mere 37 goals in the first 11 games going at better than 3 a game highlights the quality that has been on offer after the first weekend of the big show.

You could possibly have guess that thus far Brazil and Argentina would have won, Australia and England lost and there’d be a red  card or two. Results however will show that not all is what it seems on paper. Brazil and Argentina weren’t quite as impressive as one would have hoped for despite wins, and England and Australia were brave in defeat. Especially Australia who went toe to toe with Chile and looked every chance of snatching a result.

Predictable is also Wayne Rooney wearing the brunt of the English scorn after their defeat, with the 300K a week man looking increasing unlikely to get a start next stoush.

Also predictable is that no one misses the noise machines from last World Cup. What a refreshing change to hear the cheering and chanting of the various countries instead of the plastic trumpet which made watching last year’s World Cup impossible late at night in Australia without the mute button.

Of course the first weekend threw up some upsets, and none bigger than Holland thrashing Spain. Although Costa Rica beating Uruguay was a pretty big upset also. Both results have thrown the already difficult groups into a lottery.

For the casual Football fan, Mexico won which will hopefully have them on track to finish second in group. Their foe Portugal play tonight/this morning against Germany and win in that group would has them both on track to finally determine once and for all which nation is the greatest on earth.

Anyways, here’s our expert panel’s tips for overnight games. After a full first round we’ll tally up the scors to see which ones you should follow or ignore. My money’s on ignoring at least 4 of us.

Theydon Bois – Portugal 2-1
Hatton Cross – Germany 2-0
Kiddd Erminster – Germany 3-2
Harland Bulwer – Draw 2-2

Theydon Bois – Nigeria 2-0
Hatton Cross – Nigeria 2-1
Kiddd Erminster – Nigeria 3-0
Harland Bulwer – Nigeria 2-0

GHANA v USA – 8am
Theydon Bois – Ghana 1-0
Hatton Cross – Ghana 3-0
Kiddd Erminster – USA 2-1
Harland Bulwer – Ghana 3-2

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