DNPQ – Canada Edition

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Welcome to the best Grand Prix of the year. Races on the island circuit in Montreal historically produce the season’s best races, and here’s hoping that the 4am kick off will be worth the lack of sleep on a Monday. It usually is.

Maybe it’s the location, the close proximity of the walls unlike most other circuits, the wall of champions, or things like the one year a large section of grass caused a safety car, it always adds up for the best race of the year.

It appears from qualifying that it’s a flip of the coin between which Mercedes driver you like best for the win. Or the brave can take the $1.01 for any Mercedes to win. But what fun is it tipping the most obvious and therefore most likely outcome. The Gurgler always looks for a better (if not more profitable) way.

If we’re wrong it doesn’t matter as most people will wake up well after the result. Come to think of it, most people will probably be asleep before they read it. Oh well their loss.

So here’s the value for punters.

At least one Safety Car – $1.52
Mercedes Removed Top Finisher – Vettel $2.50 or Alonso $7.50
Top 6 Finish – Vergne $5.50 or Grosjean $17.00
Ist Retirement – Kimi $34.00 or Perez $21.00
Winning Margin 0 – 5.999 secs – $1.88

And…The Gurglers favourite bet…
Winning Time to thousandth of a second
HH:MM:SS:XX3 – $9.50

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