All New Circling The Drain – Gurgler’s Week O’Sport

Ding, Ding, Ding, it’s fight week at The Gurgler.

Be it in the Indian Premier League between Mitchell Starc and Keiron Pollard, which was a timely reminder that the IPL is actually on, and that throwing a bat is a good comeback to having ball bowled at you after pulling away from crease, if you don’t throw it like your arms are made of porridge.

Or maybe the U20’s origin, where the youngsters proved they are more than a match in battle of fists when maroon meets blue.

But the highlight stoush of the week came between two people old enough and rich enough to know better. We’re not going to throw stones in glasshouses at the horror of the biffo, it’s just nice that despite all the money in the world you can still look like a bogan brawling outside The Bungalow or Rum Jungle on a Friday night.

Lord knows with his overbearing arrogance towards sport broadcasting on Channel 9 including the complete ignorance of balanced coverage around origin time and the selling out of rugby league to be Nine’s lapdog, there are probably a lot more poorer people who wouldn’t be too unhappy to see a punch landed on his chin.

Opinion is divided over who won, so we’ll run a poll below to garner the views of the Gurgler faithful.

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Great Expectations – some headlines this week that were hard to believe and less likely to happen were the Scots wishing to become a test playing nation, Lucas Neill playing at the World Cup, and the Wallabies believing they win the Bledisloe. With Lucas Neill about to be confirmed as a most experienced coach potato for Rio, it’s out of Scotland v Wallabies for glory. Neither the more likely, but The Gurgler will go with Scotland.

Mark Marquez
– some kind of rider – gives the Spanish GP fans what they want and 100% start to the year.

UK Football League Last Day – nothing tops last minute goals to save your team from relegation or scrape into the playoffs. The big loser Bristol Rovers who ended their stay in the Football League (Top 4 divisions of UK Football) after 90 odd years. Not good when a new stadium is soon to start building. The conference is a hard place to get out of too.

New Dolphin Oval – Please let it happen, and they’ll even keeps some of the trees and hills to ensure old school charm joins modern stadium. One can only hope it leads to another NRL team for Brisbane. Crushers Mk II it won’t be. At this point I’d like to mention former Crusher players Garrick Morgan and St John Ellis.

Gold Coast Suns + Melbourne Demons – a case of surprise win and surprise margin of win. But good for AFL.

The Curse of Michael
Jackson – some questioned the sense or sanity of erecting a statue of Michael Jackson outside Fulham’s home ground Craven cottage. Some are now questioning why the King Of Pop tribute was removed to the Football museum in Manchester. 3 managers and bugger all wins since have given Fulham a free pass to the second division Championship next year. There will be clubs up and down the country wondering which musician they can put up outside their ground to stave off relegation next year.

The Gurgler can see West Bromwich Albion putting up a Richard Marx statue, Swansea unveiling Plastic Bertrand and Sunderland bringing a bronze Bros to the party. Talk of Snow being a guardian at Crystal Palace are wide off the mark though.


HAWTHORN to beat Sydney
FREMANTLE to beat Port Adelaide
ESSENDON -29.5 start v Brisbane
MELBOURNE to beat Western Bulldogs
GWS +49.5 start v West Coast

Henrik Stenson – $26.

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