ADVERTORIAL – Police Academy Holidays

Are you bored of regular holidays to the beach, big cities or your long lost relatives? Well, experience the difference with non-stop laughs and good times with Police Academy Holidays.

Let GW Bailey (aka Captain Harris) and Bobcat Goldthwait (the loveable Zed) take you on a 14 day adventure inspired the hilarious and ever popular Police Academy movie series and to a lesser extent the TV series and cartoon spin offs.

We take you to all the exotic locations visited by the gang – Miami Beach, Moscow, Zed’s cave from the second movie and whichever city it was pretending to be – where you can have the full Police Academy experience.

We’ll re-enact ever single ending chase scene from Monster Trucks in the City to a random Hot Air Balloon Race in the country to a water filled adventure on the everglades.

There’ll be stunt car displays, a shooting range session with Tackleberry, dating tips from Mahoney and Callaghan, and your very own mimicking session with Larvelle Jones.

There’s even a tour of the Police Academy itself hosted by either Lieutenant Mowser or Hightower. Plus a chance to join the Citizens on Patrol scheme.

A progressive dinner every night will no doubt end with everyone unbeknown to them falling into the Blue Oyster Bar for late night dancing and nightcaps. Stereotypical Leather dresswear optional but welcome.

A random cast member will join every three days for a Q and A session after series of pranks on guests used as a guessing game to the identity of the former cast member.

Upgrade to our Gold package and we’ll ensure that you receive one free Proctor as a companion on your entire journey.

The value of this package can’t be put in dollar terms, but our price sure can be.

Just USD14,999 excluding flights is buying an experience that will reward you seven times over.

Call now and don’t delay.