Circling the Drain – The Gurgler’s Week O’Sport

By Max Layne.

Sometimes sport can get things right, take for instance the tributes to the Hillsborough disaster from the weekend across all the top divisions in England. Minutes silences were observed and tributes flowed.

A minute silence could probably also be used for Anthony Mundine’s boxing career and there will probably be no flowing of tributes. Finally one of the no-name-who-its actually turned out to be good.

Talking about a minute, hopefully the NRL referees won’t be in charge of the minutes silence, who knows how long it could take.

The STABILO BOSS HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK – brought to you by the Toyota Soarer.


– Jack Miller made it 2/2 in the Moto3 (ex 125CC) class in the motorbikes. A future Mick Doohan or Gary Brabham.
– US Masters – best golf tournament there is.
– Melbourne Demons beating Carlton for a rare win.
– Liverpool v Manchester City – normally big showdowns in Football turn out to be the biggest dud fixture – looking at you World Cup finals. This one was certainly not the case with goals, red cards, and controversy a-plenty. Liverpool have the advantage to beat the moneybags Man City and Chelsea to the title.
– Finish to the Melbourne v Dragons game – if you are a Melbourne fan or neutral.


top shelf

Could have been any of the above or any more of the ones we missed – however it has to be The Mechanic aka Miguel Angel Jiminez. Sure he didn’t win it, but 4th gave a good show on the final day and the whole weekend. If the TV would ever show him. The British Open awaits.

GRAB THE PLUNGER – brought to you by TAB Cola.


ANTHONY MUNDINE – When you saw the fight advertised you would normally think that The Man has lined up so no name no good or has been to fight. Unfortunately he turned out to be good enough to put the Man on his arse a few times. Shame, he could have been one of the best footballers and boxers the country has produced except for his overbearing arrogance and sense of victimisation against everyone in the world. Who knows how he will be remembered, or if anyone could be bothered.

Close second – CARLTON – after one of the easiest draws to begin with, a big fat zero is a poor return for Mick Malthouse’s men.

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Your life must be boring if swimming lap after lap at too-f***ing-early O’clock staring at a blue line is a better alternative to retirement. Will he get to toke the celebratory spliff in Rio. Let’s see if the comeback will get as far as that, or if it is successful, most aren’t.

UPCOMING TREATS – brought to you by Vice Versas

NRL GREAT FRIDAY – 3 x games to celebrate the holy day. Get your beer Thursday – be warned.
STAWELL GIFT – favourite part is the punters who race onto track to hug the winner.


1/3 in the QLD Cup last weekend, Cyclone Ita saving us from another loss and 3/5 in the AFL. We intend to make up for it this week. However of all our tips the Mechanic produced the goods at odds. Enough to give us a couple of shinies to spend this weekend.

AFL Multi $79
NORTH MELB to beat Collingwood 1-39
SYDNEY to beat Fremantle 1-39
ST KILDA +46.5 start v Essendon
ADELAIDE -34.5 start v GWS
GOLD COAST to beat Melbourne 40+

QRL Multi $16
REDCLIFFE to beat Mackay
BURLEIGH to beat Easts
PNG – 24.5 start v Sunshine Coast
IPSWICH to beat Northern Pride

Help yourself to any of the betting options for the naming of the 2nd Sydney Airport – plenty of value.

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