The Gurgler’s 2014 Tipstradamus 100

Theydon Bois - Sports Editor

By Theydon Bois.

Welcome to the ultimate sports tipping challenge. Also the largest time wasting exercise of the Christmas-New Year holiday period.

Just in case I am abducted by aliens or lose complete interest in updating anything on this website, I have submitted tips in 100 sporting events spread throughout the year.

For each event we place an imaginary $1 bet. We will endeavour to keep you updated on their progress. For the events that don’t currently have a price we’ll update that with the odds before the events starts.

If you are interested in our selections please visit the dedicated page or click on the link below to save some time.

Feel free to join in with your own selections, see if you can beat The Gurgler. Use our contact page to send us your tips. Although given no one has the time to read this let alone send in 100 tips, I declare The Gurgler winners of Tipstradamus 100 for 2014.

As ever – bet early – bet often.