Be TV Brisbane Storm Ready This Summer

Brisbane Storm season is here and The Gurgler wants you to be as prepared as you can to make a big deal out of it for the news and social media.

brisbane storm

Summer has almost arrived, and with it brings the usual Brisbane storm season. No doubt by now you’ve either seen a TV report, read a newspaper article or been told by someone that this is going to be the most extreme, dangerous, most cyclone filled storm season ever.

We at The Gurgler want to make sure you are fully prepared to ensure this Brisbane Storm season is the most overhyped, sensationalised in recent memory.

1 – Supplies.

Make sure that heading into storm season you have little or no supplies for a potential storm, so when a weather event is coming you go to your nearest supermarket and shop up a storm (pardon the pun). This is so the news have sufficient people for footage of panic buying. It may only be a few seconds grab, but it is needed.

Whilst getting those supplies, get as many things as you can, if possible get way more than you need, so this can also be shown on TV. It also provides a chance for stock footage of empty shelves for later broadcasts.

2 – Describing your Brisbane storm.

If you have suffered wind damage or high winds, please note that the only approved descriptions are as follows:
– Mini Tornado, Mini Cyclones, Mini Hurricane.

If your street has been affected, Tornado Alley is also OK.

If you were unlucky to receive hail, please be aware that the size of the hail can only be categorized as follows:
– Pea Size
– Marble Size
– Golf Ball Size
– Cricket Ball Size

If in doubt, please keep one each of the above to use as a reference this summer. If it falls within two different sizes, please round up for maximum effect.

If interviewed about the storm, please ensure that the storm is the worst in a minimum of 10 years, or worst since you’ve lived in the area. The more years the better, any less won’t be able to be used for broadcasting.

3 – Multimedia

Please take photos of the approaching storm and grainy video coverage of the event. Both of these should be given to The Courier Mail only. This will provide an opportunity for you to be charged later to see you photos on the internet.

Twitter and Facebook can also be used to update on the storm, so your updates can replace any extra work that news outlets will need to do.

Children can also be used for effect. Videos of children playing in hail like snow is a high rater. If possible please keep children dressed in plastic yellow raincoats and hats. For teenage children any shots playing in dangerously fast water will provide any opportunity for tsk tsking, and are also welcome.

If you keep all these in mind and follow them or include them in you emergency plan, we can ensure that this Brisbane storm season will be the overhyped ever.

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