Your Passive Interest Guide to the NRL Grand Final

By Theydon Bois.

So the Rugby League season has reached its pinnacle, and WOW, what a Grand Final to look forward to. Manly Sea Eagles v Sydney Roosters.

For the respective fans of these clubs – good on you.

But for the man on the street whose teams have been eliminated wrapped in various coats of honour, it’s a hard decision. Do I care, and if I do, who do I care about?

Well with any tough decision in life, it is best to make a pros and cons list and decide at the end after you have compiled this. Well to save you time in this hectic world, The Gurgler have provided their list of pros and cons.

CON – Manly – hard to like
CON – Roosters – also hard to like
PRO – Manly have George Rose – a rare interesting Australian sportsman
PRO – Manly have a Maroon jersey
CON – Roosters have a Blue jersey.
PRO – Manly have current and former Qld origin players.
CON – Roosters have several NSW reps.
CON – Manly do have Watmough.
PRO – Daly Cherry Evans
CON – Manly destroyed the North Sydney Bears
CON – SBW – although at least I’ll be at the game and won’t have to put up with the endless, endless SBW slow motion montages with quasi-inspirational wank rock.
PRO – if Roosters win GF – rumour is SBW is going back to Rugby Union – elimatinating more of the above next year.
PRO – George Rose
PRO – Anthony Minichiello
CON – Michael Jennings
CON – A Manly win featuring one or more Stewart brother’s tries will have Ray wetting his pants in the commentary box. Although once again I’ll be at the game so happy to miss it.
CON – Michael Slater likes Manly.
CON – Souths hates the Roosters.
PRO – The Footy Show will be over for another season.

So by the count above it is 5 Pros and 5 Cons for Manly. 2 Pros and 5 Cons for Roosters. So, based on this most thorough of statistics above, the Gurgler recommends you stock up on food and beverage, put the TV mute on, and bet early and bet often.

Make up your mind though on who to support, like tough decisions in life, they should be made by you.

A disclaimer – the author is a lifelong Souths fan based in Queensland who is still bitter and sad at their demise (although appreciative that there have been many, many worse years – looking at you “Supercoach” Langmack) and who probably like other Souths fans bought Grand Final tickets several months ago whilst sliding the poultry across the abacus.