New Ideas for The Block 2014

By Kaaps Loche.

Having seen through another series of the Block, listening semi-intently in the background whilst performing tasks around the house, I wondered, if given the chance, how I would improve the show for next year.

Aside from hoping for a B-Grade celebrity version, featuring a cast with the combined pulling power of celebrity splash AND celebrity apprentice, here is the best I could do – some new locations or midweek challenges to spice up The Block 2014.


– Houseboat challenge – contestants have 1 week to spruce up a houseboat. Catch is, that they they can only dock twice a day at 7am and 7pm for loading and unloading of product and tradies.

– Hamsterdam challenge – anyone whose seen series 3 of The Wire would recall the Hamsterdam free drug market. Can you imagine what kind of nice outdoor living and alfresco dining the Blockheads could whip up. Better still, let the  judging come from the Baltimore people themselves.

– Train challenge – each pair gets carriage of the Sunlander, and must make a studio apartment out of the carriage. Tradies can only enter and leave at the regular stops.

– Whilst on the theme on trains, re-open Doboy station with a Block platform v platform stoush.

– Wicked campervans are always looking for new designs.

– Aspley Acres Caravan Park challenge – 48 hours to transform an entire caravan.

– Grant Hackett’s apartment.

– Golf course design challenge – each couple gets a Par 3, Par 4, and Par 5 to redesign in a week. Judging by Ozzie Moore, Brett Ogle and Wayne Arthurs.

– If any of the above get boring, or the show itself, release a lion in the middle of the night that contestants have to work around for the rest of the week.